Zhaohe Liang

Early Stage Researcher – Max-Planck-Institute for Physics of Complex Systems
Nationality – Chinese
Email – zhaohe (at) pks.mpg.de

Starting date: 15/10/2012
left project: 28/02/2013

Liang, Zhaohe

Research topic: Inelastic electronic processes in Intense Laser Fields

Research abstract:

The goal of my research project is to understand inelastic electronic processes following the impact of intense light pulses on matter in the VUV to X-ray regime. Such processes rule the radiation damage of the irradiated target. How to control the radiation damage is a key question to make single molecule imaging work with short X-ray pulses, the premier application of the new intense X-ray pulses with expected far reaching impact in different fields of science.
However, such inelastic electron processes and the subsequent ion dynamics are still comparatively poorly understood due to the fact that experiments which can initiate such processes have only been possible for a couple of years at the new SASE-FELs operating in Stanford and Hamburg, and now also in Japan and in Italy.

Research interests:

X-ray physics, clusters in intense laser fields, strong field physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, computational physics.