Sergio Lopez

Early Stage Researcher – Quantemol
Nationality –
Email – sergio (at)

Starting date: 27/02/2012
left project: 11/28/2013

Sergio LopezResearch topic: Plasma Modelling for Microelectronics

Research abstract:

As an ER, the goal of my participation in this network is not to obtain a PhD, but to gain direct experience in an industrial/commercial environment, transferring skills from academia and acquiring new ones in the process. My main short term objectives consist in gaining as much experience as possible in a new scientific field (such as plasma modelling) and computational chemistry, as well as in working with clients. I’m achieving both goals working in Quantemol, designing and carrying out consultancy projects for other industrial partners, working in close collaboration with them. I have also attended conferences, seminars and courses, where I have honed my presentation and networking skills, as well as learnt more about plasmas and the commercialisation of research results.

I am a theoretical physicist with more than a decade of experience in Physical Chemistry, modeling and computational simulations. I studied photodissociation processes during my PhD, using ab initio and quantum dynamical methods. My main field of interest in recent years has been the development of computational methods to simulate the dynamics of large molecular systems and the excitation of electrons through laser impulses, at the Technical University of Munich. I am also developing the Quantemol suite of applications and supporting our clients in the optimisation of their plasma tools and processes.

Research interests:

Quantum chemistry, large molecular system in laser fields, collisions physics, plasma dynamics.