Jivesh Kaushal

Early Stage Researcher – Max Born Institute
Nationality – Indian
Email – Jivesh.Kaushal (at) mbi-berlin.de

Starting date: 12/09/2011

left project: 09/11/2014

Research topic: Imaging of hole dynamics and multielectron effects in strong field double ionisation

Research abstract:
Recent experiments have shown that the independent electron approximation is not sufficient for explaining sequential double ionisation spectra, with mulielectron correlation significant even in SDI for timing and ionisation rates for second ionisation. My project focuses on investigating the role of these correlation potentials and its effects on the photoelectron spectrum. The current methods developed within this project also provide a potential tool to time the creation and dynamics of the resulting hole in the ion.

2011 – present: Early Stage Researcher at Max Born Institute
2010 – 2011: MSc in Theoretical Physics, King’s College London
2006 – 2010: B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Delhi University

Research interests:
Multi-electron dynamics, Numerical methods in Strong Field Physics, Time-dependent R-matrix theory, Attosecond metrology